Specializing in Residential, Commercial, Retrofit and complete HVAC solutions. The Green Method provides Green mechanical and HVAC solutions to customers all across Southern Ontario.

From Project Managers to Field Personnel, our team works in coordination to ensure successful installations. We meet all of our customers’ expectations- time, quality and budget.

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more economical
than traditional

Green Solutions and Installations

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Eco Friendly

Geothermal systems use a renewable resource, energy from the earth, which is efficient and non-polluting

Cost Effective

Save thousands on your yearly heating and cooling bills! No more expensive fossil fuel sourced equipment!

Low Maintenance

Cleaning the electrostatic filter periodically is all that’s needed to keep our systems in good running order.

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Commercial Applications

In the past decade we’ve gained the reputation of being the leader in geothermal HVAC solutions for commercial application. See what we can do for your next project!

Residential Systems

Whether new construction or retrofitting your home, our experienced and knowledgable Project Managers have been designing and installing efficient and economical solutions for homeowners for the past 10 years.