The Green Method offers complete Residential Heating, Ventilation and Cooling services in Southern Ontario.


We are the experts in well-designed turn-key new construction and retrofit Geothermal Systems for both Rural and Urban homes. Our systems offer the most cost efficient heating, cooling, and water heating systems available on the market today.

HVAC Design

The Green Methodâ„¢ meets educational requirements specified in the Ontario Building Code and is presently registered by the Ontario Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs as authorized to provide design services for residential dwellings.

In Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating may be the most comfortable form of heating for your home. We install and design systems for new construction and remodeling projects.

The key approach for in-floor heating design and installation is simplicity.

Snow Melting Systems

Our systems melt snow and ice by circulating glycol solution fluids through tubing embedded in concrete, or beneath brick pavers. Snowmelt systems are ideal in situations where textured surfaces may be damaged by shovels, areas too large for manual removal, or wherever convenience is desired.

Custom Ductwork

The Green Methodâ„¢ will design and install a distribution system to achieve the highest levels of comfort and efficiency for your home. We understand that each home has unique requirements that pose obstacles when designing ductwork system, especially older homes. All our ductwork is installed to the latest ASHRAE and SMACNA standards.

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