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What is Geothermal

Geothermal energy is the heat from the Earth. It’s clean and sustainable. Even in the winter, when a blanket of snow covers the ground, the earth’s temperature remains constant at only six feet below the surface. This means you will have a consistent, natural supply of heat to keep you comfortable, even during the coldest winter. A geothermal heat pump system consists of a heat pump, a delivery system (ductwork, or pex pipes for infloor heating), and a heat exchanger – a system of pipes buried outside in the ground near the building, called ‘the loop’.


Maintain constant temperature and humidity levels in your home all year long.


No burning flames or noisy air conditioners mean quiet operation in any season.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning the electrostatic filter periodically is all that’s needed to keep the system in good running order.

Easy integration

Geothermal works with your home’s existing heating/cooling system, whether it’s forced air, radiators or in-floor radiant.

How It Works

The Earth maintains a nearly constant temperature between 10° and 16°C.

That heat is transferred through the home through traditional ductwork.

In the winter, the heat pump circulates ethanol through the pipes to pull heat from the Earth.

For cooling the process is reversed; the system extracts heat from the building and moves it into the Earth.

Geothermal Explained

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Living With Geothermal

Take a look at the Benefits

Economic Benefits

While the initial cost of installing a ground-source heat pump is substantial, you can recoup your costs fairly quickly. In fact, compared to conventional energy systems such as oil, gas and electricity, ground-source heat pumps can save you 30 percent to 70 percent on utility bills and even more savings on water heating costs. Additionally, the lifespan of the system is far longer than traditional furnaces and boilers.

Consistent Performance

With a geothermal system, you can set your preferred temperature in your home and the system will maintain that temperature all year long. And since that heat or cooling is coming from the same source, the system can easily maintain a constant level of humidity in the home as well.

Environmental Benefits

Geothermal energy is Green Energy. There is nothing to burn or consume. Aside from the electricity to run the pumps, all the energy used is renewable and clean. For those looking to reduce your carbon footprint, Geothermal heating and cooling is tough to beat. Additionally without noisy air conditioners you are reducing noise pollution as well.

Easy Maintenance

Geothermal systems are virtually maintenance free. Cleaning the electrostatic filter once a month is all that’s needed to keep the system in good running order. A typical heat pump will last about 20-25 years, and the exterior loop about 75 – 80 years!

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