We strongly believe successful commercial geothermal installations are the result of the right selection of consultants, mechanical contractor, geothermal driller and equipment.

The best results are achieved with team work and constant coordination between the different trades, the managing/ownership group, and consultants.

Our approach is to get involved as early in the process as possible, working with the customer and consultants on the selection of the right equipment, system layout and configuration, and definition of the scope of work.

The result of this process are systems that are efficient, reliable, and simple to maintain throughout the lifecycle of the buildings.

In Floor Heating

Whether your project is a commercial system designed for comfort, or an industrial system optimized for energy savings, we have the trained staff and years of experience to help you with your in-floor heating system.

Snow Melting Systems

From home sidewalks to large commercial projects, snow melting will help protect family, friends and customers. Our systems melt snow and ice by circulating glycol solution fluids through tubing embedded in concrete, or beneath brick pavers. Snowmelt systems are ideal in situations where textured surfaces may be damaged by shovels, areas too large for manual removal, or wherever convenience is desired.

Custom Ductwork

At The Green Methodâ„¢ we design and install a distribution system to achieve the highest levels of comfort and efficiency for all duct applications. All our ductwork is manufactured and installed to the latest “ASHRAE” and “SMACNA” standards. We also supply acoustically lined ductwork in all our geothermal installations as per CSA C448 Series-02.

Indoor Pool Systems

The Green Methodâ„¢ designs and installs swimming pool ventilation and heating systems that are energy efficient, reliable and easy to maintain. We provide integrated solutions for your pool house. Our specialty is combining multiple components to provide ventilation, space heating/cooling and pool heating.

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